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Elite homes always tread on different paths and have always strived to venture on unconventional concepts in terms of building materials and designs. The projects of Elite homes are branched into commercial buildings, premium villas, and resorts. Each and every venture of Elite homes proclaims the architectural legacy and prime lifestyle creation fueled by renowned architects and celebrated builders.

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Elite Premium Luxury Homes

A smart choice for a happy living

These premium villas starting at Rs 2000 per sq. ft. would make an idyllic living space for any home seeker. The smart homes are equipped with high-end security devices, rainwater harvesting system, biogas plant, solar panels, and much more. You can bid adieu to your whopping energy bills as the house is self-sufficient in terms of energy. The GFRG panel used in the construction of the house is eco-friendly, low costing; it exudes no odor as compared to other environment-friendly building materials.

Elite Standard Homes

A dream home that fits your budget

If the one constraint that always prevents you acquiring your dream home is money.Here come elite standard homes. Now you can have your dream of owning the perfect home fulfilled. The standard homes start at Rs 1750 per sq. ft. The standard villas exhibit all the qualities of elite homes. They are architecturally superior, have exemplary amenities, and come with an unbeatable price. You cannot ask for a better location to start your family.

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Elite Commercial Space

Elite Commercial Space TAG

Our expeditious commercial building plans fuels your dream to a reality within just 6 months. Our fire proof, earthquake resistant and strong structure is the best choice for your commercial space. We blend prudent structural designing and environment friendly concepts to your idea that would make your commercial space unique.