Why Elite Homes ?

We give you the key to a happy living

We give you the key to a happy living .....!!

Architecture Design

We provide the best services to our clients regardless of the size and value of the project. As design architects we transform the vague ideas of our clients into innovative design concepts.

Structural Design

We undertake structural design of concrete and steel structures.Each of our GFRG products are a result of prudent structural designing done under the supervision of IIT Professors. Design will be done considering live load, earth quake loads as per IS codes as per IS standards.Let it be Residential edifices or Commercial Buildings,its your IDEA and our RESPONSIBILITY.

Project Planning

Construction planning is a fundamental and challenging activity in the management and execution of our construction projects. It involves the choice of technology, the definition of work tasks, the estimation of the required resources and durations for individual tasks, and the identification of any interactions among the different work tasks. A good construction plan is the basis for developing the budget and the schedule for work.Here at ELITE HOMES projects are planned as per the clients budget and are uniquely planned so as to complete the project within an average timespan of 4 months. when it gets blended with technology and greenness it becomes SMARTER.

Interior Design

Interior Design is the creation of innovative and functional interior space is part of our architectural practice. We use modern design concepts and value to your lifestyle.


What surrounds one’s home is just as important as what is in it. Well -designed landscaping idea is a great complement to the architecture and design of a home.


Remodeling the existing building design & its structure and the extension of existing buildings using GFRG involves strategic planning and precise assessment of the existing building conditions. ELITE HOMES brings you the mega minds of engineering. You just IDEATE we will DESIGN.